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Discover Oman as you’ve never seen it before OR You determine the time & destination for the private transfer, ASA will take you there.


The airbus H125 is in a class of its own, well-suited to hot environments and high altitudes. With a range of 550 Km/h and with a max crusing speed of 240 km/h Carrying up to five guests, it has earned its reputation for seamless air travel.

ASA Helicopter Services

Al Sharqiya Aviation (ASA) is proud to be Oman’s first commercial helicopter service provider. Whether you’re looking to introduce Oman to a new business partner or friends, trying to find optimal A-B transport, or aiming for corporate air services, ASA will gladly work to fulfill your needs safely and reliably.

Tours from the sky

Explore Oman’s unique, diverse nature.


Providing private A to B transportation across the country. Did you know that we can land almost everywhere?

logistics services

What you need, where you need it.

Helicopter City Tours - الرحلات السياحية بالهليكوبتر

Prices & Routes

Route: Qantab – Al Khairan – Muttrah – Qantab 

Attraction points for 15 mins flight:
Al Khairan Bay – Yiti
Al Bustan Palace Hotel
Muscat Bay
Majlis Oman
Jalali & Mirani forts
Muttrah Cornish

Helicopter City Tour Prices: 
– Sharing tour prices – Max 4 people
50 OMR/Person – 15 mins 
100 OMR/Person – 30 mins 
200 OMR/Person – 60 mins  

– Private tour prices – Max 5 people.  
250 OMR/Helicopter – 15 mins City Tour
400 OMR/Helicopter – 30 mins  City tour
800 OMR/Helicopter – 60 mins  City tour

Kids below 2 years are free

Meeting Point: Muscat Bay – Qantab

How to book?  Click here or contact us 9544 4430 call/WhatsApp

الأسعار والمسار

مسار الرحلة: قنتب – الخيران – مطرح – قنتب

:نقاط الجذب

خليج الخيران – ايتي
فندق قصر البستان
خليج مسقط
مجلس عمان
قلعة الجلالي والميراني
كورنيش مطرح

:أسعار رحلات الهليكوبتر السياحية

رحلة مشتركة – ٤ ركاب كحد أقصى –
٥٠ريال عماني للفرد – ١٥ دقيقة
١٠٠ ريال عماني للفرد – ٣٠ دقيقة
٢٠٠ ريال عماني للفرد – ٦٠ دقيقة

رحلة خاصة – ٥ ركاب كحد أقصى – 
٢٥٠ ريال عماني للهليكوبتر – ١٥ دقيقة
٤٠٠ ريال عماني للهليكوبتر – ٣٠ دقيقة
٨٠٠ ريال عماني للهليكوبتر – ٦٠ دقيقة 

الأطفال تحت السنتين مجاناً

نقطة التجمع:
 خليج مسقط – قنتب

طريقة الحجز: اضغط هنا أو تواصل على الرقم ٩٥٤٤٤٤٣٠ إتصال\واتساب


The legacy 650 business jet is known for its efficiency and sets the standard for business jets. It also provides unsurpassed comfort with three cabin zones and broadband connectivity.
Whether you require to charter for corporate or personal use, we comfortably accommodate up to 13 guests in a lounge-like atmosphere.

Book a Flight & Contact us

Contact us at:
Email :
Mobile Phone : +968 9544 4430
Meeting point: Muscat Bay Helipad 

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